About us

Extraordinarily Beautiful

The Surya Heritage is located in the heart of Kannur town, in the North Kerala. The region is popularly known as Malabar a geography globally identified for its rich Hospitality & authentic and amazing Kerala cuisines. Experience the charm of the Surya Heritage, a heavenly destination for those seeking a peaceful time with nature, great food and beautiful flora & fauna. The tranquil ambience of the Surya Heritage Hotel and its more than 10-decade old construction is restored in accordance with the unique Kerala style of architecture and antiquity that will take you back in time & history.

A Venue to Rediscover Yourself

The Surya heritage hotel started with a vision to transform remote-work life and to help our guests embrace a blend of work and vacation like never before and we provide a fusion of top-notch services along with a beautiful view so that you can relish your new work environment. Our meeting room connects with confidence. Depending on the size and type of meeting we offer to give you the right support at just the right time.

We promise to give you every comfort along with a bucket of unique experiences which will be treasured by you in your lifetime. The Surya Heritage offers open-air candle light dinner spot overlooking the beautiful lawn. The picturesque location and the facilities make it an ideal destination for holidays. We look forward to having you as our guest.


Explore a great hospitality in the
land of Theyyams.

Kannur is known as the land of Looms & Lores (Theyyam). The city is surrounded by beautiful Arabian sea coastline in the west & Kasargod, Wayanad & Kozhikode districts on the other sides. Kannur was a part of the Malabar District (Madras Presidency) and is famous for its Loom industry & local festivals (lores).


Surya Heritage’s legacygoes well into India’s Pre-Independence era. Mr. Chenoli Therathu Balakrishnan, a prominent citizen &a well-known social activist of the region constructedhis family House (known as Tharavadu in Malayalam) in the then most modern style & comfort of the time. The past & older generationfondly remember when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, one of India’s prominent freedom fighters& nation’s first Prime Minster visited Kannur he chose to rest at this very house. Mr Balakrishnan had also great cordial & friendly relation with the King of Mysore. The King accepted his invitation and visited the Tharavadu along with his family and enjoyed the hospitality offered to him.